5 Essential Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter 

Trying to sell your home in the winter? Not sure if the time is right?

You might be surprised to learn that there are some major reasons why selling your home in the winter is a smart strategy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the main drivers for the success of homes sales in colder months. Then, we’ll talk about what you can do to boost your chances of finding a buyer.

Why Homes Sell Well in the Winter

Believe it or not, the winter weather does not deter all buyers!  In fact, there are plenty of reasons buyers choose to purchase a home in the winter.

If you want to sell your home in the winter, here are some surprising reasons you will find it less challenging than you expected:

The Internet is Always Available & so Are Serious Buyers

The internet is always available, and people are always browsing real estate websites. The Internet is “Seasonless.” Therefore, traditional home buying seasons have changed dramatically.
Why? Because serious buyers are always on the lookout for a property.

This reinforces the importance of your online listing. Buyers do much of their browsing and decision making online. With agents like Terri Buseman, professional photos are a must as it will be the buyer’s first introduction to your home.

Competition Drops

In the winter, there are fewer homes for sale. That means there’s less competition for sellers. If you want the market to yourself, sell your home in the winter.

Life Changes Can Happen Anytime

Divorces, marriages, separations, new babies and more are never planned for but happen anyway. There are always people experiencing life changes that require relocation in the winter.

Year-End Bonuses and Payouts Give Buyers More Mobility

Year-end bonuses mean more money in the pockets of buyers. This influx of cash is just what some buyers need to take the plunge. This time of the year may also bring retirees looking to relocate and use their last checks and bonuses to find their next home.

Relocation Happens All Year-Round

Buyers relocating for a new job can happen at any time of the year. And for relocators, there isn’t a lot of time to make the move. Therefore, these buyers are motivated to move quickly, especially if they have children. They’ll want to be moved into their new home and get the kids in school as fast as possible for minimal disruption to their daily lives.

5 Tips for Selling Your Chicago Home This Winter

Now that we know why homes sell well in the winter in Chicago, let’s focus on how you can boost your chances of attracting your ideal buyer:

1. Have Your Heating System Looked At

Winter means extensive use of your home’s HVAC system. A well-functioning system will be at the top of your buyer’s mind. Therefore, have your HVAC system looked at by a professional and have a tune-up performed. In many cases, the heat will be running while you have prospective buyers viewing your home. If fans are acting up or loud noises are detected, it could send some red flags.

2. Bring Life and Light into Your Home

Light up even the darkest corners of your home! Open windows, shutters, and place floor and table lamps where ever you can. Even lights on your appliances brighten up the space. You want buyers to see exactly what they’re getting and make your home look larger.

Adding plant life warms up any home and imbues life during cold winter months. You can purchase or rent plants inexpensively to brighten up rooms.

3. Clean Until it Shines!

Whenever you’re planning to show your home, it’s crucial to keep it clean. It makes the biggest impression on buyers. It shows them that you take good care of your home. A clean home also helps buyers see the full potential of your home.

Clean things you would not normally clean: wash windows, bleach stained grout, re-caulk tubs, etc. Even take the time to clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Buyers often inspect cabinets and other spaces to see how much space is in them and if they have been well cared for.

4. Be Sure to Shovel

If it snows, be sure the walkway into your home is cleared. Chicago experiences lots of volatile winter weather, so it’s important for you to make it easy for prospective buyers to access your home. In addition, place a nice mat by the front door so people can clean their feet and place their wet belongings.

5. Price it Right for the Market

Yes, although the competition is in your favor during the winter, it is not the time to test the market. You need to price right for the market in order to attract buyers while getting the most for your home (avoid testing the market at all cost!).

The Expertise You Need to Sell Your Home in the Winter

As a trustworthy, tenacious and thorough real estate agent, Terri Buseman offers unparalleled support for home sellers. Her expert focus on neighborhoods in Chicago makes her uniquely attuned to the local markets.

If you’re looking to sell your home in the winter, reach out to Terri to get started.

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