Festive lights and decor get us excited for all things gift-giving and feasting. And to be honest, holiday decor just gives us something different and uplifting to look at. Here are a few holiday decorating trends that are likely to get us excited about and bring warmth to this year’s holiday at home.

DIY Decor

Without added commutes and social obligations, many of us find ourselves with time to spare. So why not create your holiday decor this year? The internet is full of fun ideas to make wreaths, garland, throw blankets, custom ornaments and so much more!

The great thing about DIY is that you can share what you make with others. The decorations you made yourself are great gifts for friends and family. Use what you have at home: scrap paper, yarn, ribbon, paper plates, and plastic cups. All these materials are useful when creating your own decor items. Not to mention, DIY decor is a wonderful way to reuse and recycle items. 

Holiday Decorating - DIY decor.

Neutrals and Natural Elements

Holiday decorating trends 2020 are pushing neutrals — we’re talking wool, burlap, lumberjack checker patterns, woodland creatures, and chunky knits. We’re loving the basics this year; just the simple decor and subtle items seamlessly integrated into your home. You can put a wooly yarn wrapped wreath on your coat stand or a few new pillows on your couch with creamy colors and soft textures. It’s about creating a sense of warmth and comfort this holiday season.

Also, using neutrals is less disruptive to your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, this is a plus for buyers. They want to see your house as it is without too many distractions.

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Front Door Decorations

Bring the holidays out to your neighbors this season. While we are all at home this year, you can add to the joy in your neighborhood or building by adding a festive wreath and signs on your front door. If you’re feeling in the DIY mood, wreaths are easy to make yourself! You can even make it a project that children can help with.

Whether you live in a South Loop townhome or New Eastside high rise, you can boost neighborhood morale by adding simple, festive touches to your front door. Check Pinterest for fun and easy front door decorations.

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Spread Holiday Themes Throughout the House

Christmas decor is not limited to your living room. We suggest bringing a little bit into every room of your home! Here are some ideas to sprinkle holiday cheer throughout your home:

  • Add seasonal hand towels and scented soaps to bathrooms.
  • Place cheerful tea towels in the kitchen.
  • Drape garland on the banisters.
  • Buy cinnamon scented pine cones and place them around your home.
  • Seasonal pillows make fun and cozy additions to sofas and beds.
  • Warm flannel bed sheets aren’t an obvious addition, but they sure are nice.
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Nostalgia Decor

These days, people are craving what they remember — grandma’s aluminum Christmas tree, this ceramic tree that everyone seemed to have, or mercury glass ornaments. Bring it all back and into your home for a beautiful and nostalgic holiday mood. Deck your halls with tinsel, baubles, and more. Bring on the kitsch!

If you have a home with a mid-century or Victorian aesthetic, you can work some of the era’s decor into your home. Mid-century decor relies on fun pastels, geometric shapes, and plastic accent pieces. Victorian decor, on the other hand, is quite traditional: luscious evergreen garlands, big bows, and stockings hung on the mantle are an exemplar of the season. Don’t be afraid to embrace something different this year if it boosts the overall look of your home.

Ceramic christmas tree

Holiday Decorating Trends:  Do What You Like

This year, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays. It’s really about doing what feels right. What are your needs and wants? That’s what you should be rewarding yourself with this year when it comes to stylizing your home. Some people need cozy while others need bright and shiny. There are even those who want to celebrate their holiday the way their parents and grandparents did. Now is the time to start new traditions and fully immerse yourself in the mood of the season.

Need more style tips or want to discuss your next moves on buying or selling your home? I can help guide you! Contact me today to get started, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

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