Now, more than ever, we are connected to where we live. Our homes are where we sleep, work, and play. For all of those reasons, COVID-19 is shaping interior design and home renovation this year. From new home offices to recreational spaces for families to entertain themselves, I’ve gathered the decor and renovation trends that will make being home feel like a sanctuary.
Interior Design & Home Renovation

Refreshing Room Designs

One major trend is refreshing rooms to make them more useful spaces.
Being home most of our time is making us rethink how our spaces are working for us. Even a small corner of a room has the potential to become a book nook or work desk with the right pieces.

A Budget Refresh

If budget is a concern, simply rearranging furniture and decorative pieces can make a room feel “new.”  Along with rearranging, reorganization is crucial to make a room feel open and welcoming. Spending time at home makes you realize what items you need and don’t need. Now is the time to clean out anything that is no longer useful. Purging might sound drastic, but if you’re looking to clear clutter or to buy or sell your home in the upcoming months, it’s a proactive way to prepare.

Full-On Room or Home Renovation

For households looking to take on bigger projects, as in finally completing that unfinished basement, this is the perfect time to do it. You can have a hands-on role in how a remodel will go because you’re home. You don’t have to worry about leaving contractors alone or taking time off work to work out details. At the end of the project, you’ll have a new room to use and enjoy!

Next-Level Lighting

Now that we are spending so much time at home, there’s a need for added lighting. While you might not have noticed

underlit spaces in your home before, you probably will now! The trend this year is to find lighting that mimics natural light and manipulates spaces to reflect light throughout.  Full-spectrum LEDs are one way to make sure you’re getting the light you need to live by. However, you can also try the following to get more inviting light into a space:

  • Stick to light paint tones to make a room feel lighter
  • Add mirrors tastefully in the room to reflect light
  • Invest in glossy furniture that reflects more light
  • Buy more houseplants to mimic the outdoors
  • Keep wall art frames light so they don’t darken the space

A Place to Work…and Live

Home offices, and remote learning spaces, are essential. Many people are finding themselves working and learning from home at least part of the week. By now, you probably know what works and what doesn’t. But it’s time to ditch the kitchen table desk and find a more permanent solution. You don’t need a whole room to create a home office that allows you to be productive. Instead, find the room you want to work in and amend it slightly to accommodate your dedicated work space. If you like being in the kitchen, convert a piece of counter space by moving small appliances and adding a blotter and some organizers. Same goes for your living room. Whether you like to work standing or sitting, there are options from furniture retailers. Use your imagination and remember that nothing is off-limits for creating unique workspaces.

Interior Design & Home Renovation - bring outside in

Bringing the Outside In

While we can’t do some of the activities we normally would outdoors, you don’t have to limit yourself to being inside. Instead, bring the outside in by taking the outdoor space you do have access to and making it comfortable and useful. For yards and gardens, consider adding a pergola and seating for safe al fresco dining. Balconies have tons of potential too! A bench and outdoor rug can go a long way in making cocktail hour or sunset watching a lovely experience.

Spa-like Bathroom Oasis

More than ever, we need to prioritize self-care. That’s why people are investing in amenities for their homes such as spa-like bathrooms. You don’t need to completely remodel your bathroom to create a special space. Light, natural paint colors, mood lighting, artificial or real plants, and a Bluetooth speaker set to play calming music are easy changes you can make in a day. Don’t stop there, invest in plush bath towels and skin care products to treat yourself.

Interior Design & Home Renovation - spa-like bathroom

Embracing Nostalgic Interior Design

With extra time on our hands, nostalgic decor and mood-altering aesthetics are trending! For example, Cottagecore is one of the popular interior design trends making its way around social media. This kind of interior design is cozy, traditional, and inviting. If you’re looking for a project that will have you reclaiming vintage furniture, creating beautiful tablescapes, and adding houseplants to your home, Cottagecore might be up your alley.

But Cottagecore isn’t the only interior design fashion at play today. Victorian and Mid-century designs are seeing another wave of interest too, as people attempt to restore their homes with the original architecture in mind.

Interior Design, Home Renovation & Staging Tips from Terri

’m really excited to see all the interior design and home renovation trends taking off due to our “new normal.” By taking more ownership over our spaces to foster optimal wellness, while investing in our homes, is a positive thing. If you need advice on how to make your home more appealing to buyers through interior design and staging, contact me today!

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