We have all been spending a lot more time at home lately, navigating a “new normal” from inside four walls. This time has given me a chance to think and reflect upon the meaning of the home. For me, a home extends much further than a financial asset or a roof over my head – it is a mindset that can be created anywhere you need it to be with the right approach. In the traditional sense, a home is a gift, whether you own or rent.  By taking an active approach to minimizing stressors in your space and amplifying what makes you feel at ease, you can turn any space into a physical and mental sanctuary.

Bring balance to your living space

Wherever you currently find yourself, it’s important to reflect on what comforts you about your home. Start by making a list of things you love. A few questions you can ask yourself are:

• What qualities of your home feel the most comfortable for you?
• What aspects of your home do you appreciate?
• What decisions in your home design or arrangement are pleasing to you now?
• Where is your happy corner?
• What areas do the children love the most?

Consider the aesthetics of your home. You likely have rooms that you naturally gravitate towards. This could be for several reasons. For example, neutral tones may give you a sense of calm and reassurance. Take note of your preferences and incorporate those themes in the other rooms of your home.

Similarly, there may be parts of your home or its aesthetics may actually be causing you stress.  Common stressors are:

  • Outdated look Lack of light
  • Confined or cluttered space
  • Aging appliances that require unplanned financial investment

Identify and address what is causing you stress in each room and write it down. Engage the people you live with. Even if you don’t have the funds to update your furniture or paint, decluttering is a free way to improve home equity and reimagine your space. Keep in mind, it’s important to combine functionality with aesthetics.  You want to aim to create a beautiful space that is also functional to your lifestyle.

your home means to you
Home as a work space - Your Home as a sanctuary

Find opportunities to repurpose space

When you look at your space through a new lens, you might be surprised to find that it could be used for multiple things. Optimize the space that you have to organize and fulfill your various needs. Consider making rooms multifunctional. This takes creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Can the kitchen island be transformed into an online learning classroom during certain hours, or can the bedroom become a virtual meeting room for when ‘no distractions’ are needed? The point is to re-imagine spaces in the house, configure them for flexibility, and set guidelines for multiple uses.

meaning of home - tidy closet
meaning of home - small places

Make your home your own

During these uncertain times, one thing is irrefutable — the home has taken on an added emphasis as our shelter and safe haven. Our homes have evolved into our workplaces, virtual classrooms, and family entertaining spaces. Now, more than ever, we are motivated to make our homes more beautiful, safe, multi-functional, and comfortable.

Here are a few resources that you can use to jumpstart your reorganizing and redecorating your home. 

  • Pinterest is a great resource for saving ideas that inspire you.  Once you’ve pinpointed an aesthetic or an interior design style that you seem to be gravitating towards, start listing items that you would like to purchase for the home.
  • Decorating does not have to be expensive.  Here are some practical ideas for budget-friendly decorating.
  • If you also need some further interior design inspiration, this blog gives you 33 tips on how to make your home cozy.  Apartment Therapy has a great article on making your home as inviting as possible.
While there are many ideas and resources available to help you create your sanctuary, it’s best to follow your heart. Because that is where home is.

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