Many sellers decide to sell when they think they will attract the most buyers.  They may want to wait for spring and summer when there is more foot traffic and more opportunities to boost curb appeal. But there are several reasons why the winter, and January in particular, could be a great time to to sell your Chicago home, or at least get it ready to list.

Why List your home for Sale in January 

sell home in January - Fresh snow covers the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood of Chicago

It’s a New Beginning

Many people think of January as a new beginning. It’s the perfect time to start on new adventures like buying a home.

Less Competition

Many sellers shy away from selling their homes in January. Take advantage of low inventory at this time of year. The reduced competition increases your chances of selling your home quickly. 

Motivated Buyers

People shopping for Chicago homes in the winter tend to be motivated and ready to buy. They are willing to go out in the cold to find the perfect home for their needs. Showcase your home’s best features this time of the year.

Full Year of Tax Benefits

Homeowners are eligible for tax benefits such as deductions on mortgage interest and property tax. Moving in January makes them eligible for an entire year of benefits. Capitalizing on tax benefits is key!

Lower Home Prices

Home prices in Chicago tend to be lower in the winter months compared to spring and summer. Use strategic pricing to attract a wider range of buyers

More Time to Prepare Your Listing

If you are not quite ready for the market, use this lull in activity to get your home ready for the spring market. Start on projects like staging, decluttering, and making improvements. You will also find it easy to hire contractors who are slow in January and more likely to get booked later in the year.

Corporate Relocations

Several businesses arrange corporate relocations at the beginning of the year. Many workers will relocate to a busy city like Chicago. With the help of an experienced agent, you can attract a pool of interested buyers.

Discounted Moving Services

Fewer people move in winter. Many moving services lower their prices due to a lack of demand.

Tips for People Who Sell Home in January  

Sell home in chicago - cozy modern home

Make the Most of Winter Curb Appeal

Some people feel the winter weather doesn’t allow them to make the most of their home’s curb appeal. But you can turn your home into a winter wonderland. Make a cozy seating area, light the exterior with warm exterior lighting, and add a non-seasonal wreath to the door.

Be sure to shovel the path carefully in the event of snow or ice.

Highlight Winter Features

Make your home attractive to home seekers by highlighting winter features in your ad. Mention amenities like fireplaces, heated floors, and insulation. Energy efficiency is a big selling point.

Make Your Open House Cozy

Make your open house a haven for cold home seekers. Ensure it’s nice and warm inside. Serve hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and warm cookies. Light your fireplace if you have one.

Work with Your Agent to Make Your Home More Appealing

Sell home in Chicago
Talk to your agent about other things you can do to make your home more appealing. Use competitive pricing. Stage your home so it looks attractive to potential buyers. Take professional photos for your ad. Address repair and maintenance issues.

Some homeowners offer incentives in January like covering closing costs and providing a home warranty.

January’s lack of competition makes it a terrific time to sell. The proper preparation will make it even more attractive.

I always say the best time to list is when your home is completely ready and prepared for the market, no matter what month it goes to the public market. Call me when you are ready. I’m available year-round.

I will ensure your January sale runs smoothly. I will make your home into an attractive winter property. I will help you ring in the New Year with a successful home sale.

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