Has spring got you in the mood to upgrade? Tired of your current kitchen design? Or, just want to remodel your kitchen? If you’re looking for some innovative and functional ideas, here are a few of the top trending designs to get you started!

1. Start with Color 


There are two ways to go about this. While the clean, white kitchen will never go out of style, you may want to change it up a little.

You can do this by adding pops of color with your appliances, curtains, trim, etc., or you can go all out and use vibrant colors for your cabinetry, island, and counter tops. Top colors for 2020 are those associated with nature, including navy blue and emerald green.


2. Mix it Up

We all love traditional stainless steel until you see the handprints! Consider matte alternatives like black stainless steel. Use nickel with a brushed or satin finish for hardware or faucets. Matte finishes are also great at hiding those tiny fingerprints and messy spots. Forget the glossy and switch to matte for your flooring, countertops or tile. Look for sustainable, natural materials with warm tones for flooring. Options include eco-friendly and remarkably strong bamboo, as well as cork which is also anti-microbial. If you’re looking for more of an industrial design, consider durable concrete flooring or recycled rubber for your kitchen. Both are available in lots of warm color schemes and stains.


3.  Think Smart 

With all the state-of-the-art technology available, why not bring some of it into the kitchen! Anyone can be top chef with the latest cooking devices and appliances. Advanced sensors in ovens can now identify what’s being cooked and then determine cooking time and temperatures. In addition, refrigerators and freezers are now designed for specific food groups. Called Column refrigerators and freezers, one could be for meats, etc., while others might concentrate on fresh fruit and vegetables. Smart technology can also play a role with items like touch-free faucets, as well as lighting and appliances that can be controlled via voice or apps.


4. Accessibility and Storage 

Let’s face it – space is a premium when living in the city. We need to make the most of every inch! But of course, we still want it to look nice and it should be accessible for people of all ages and heights! It’s wonderful to have a lot of cabinets, but we all know what it’s like to have items in the back that you never see. Pull-out drawers and shelving can be game changers. Using all available space and hidden storage for items like baking pans, cookie sheets, cutting boards, and lids can make organization a breeze.


5.  Don’t Break the Bank

Remodeling your kitchen can be a costly venture. And, if you’re thinking of selling in a few years, you want to make sure that you will get a return on your investment. If you don’t want to go all out, but want to make some simple changes, there are some simple enhancements you can make. Start with painting your kitchen or your cabinets. Change out your hardware. Revamp your faucets. You can also update your lighting. Pendant lights or a linear fixture will give your kitchen a whole new feel. If your appliances are on their last leg, consider splurging on statement appliances or hoods.

Remodeling your kitchen can be expensive. Research all your options and then determine what you can afford. Don’t just make choices thinking you will get a huge return on your investment. Consider how long you want to stay in your current home. If it’s for the long term, then choose options that will make you happy. If it’s short term, and you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, then lean towards neutral and classic styles for better resale value. Also, don’t forget that often just minor improvements can have a big impact. If you have a tight budget, a new coat of paint, switching out cabinet doors and hardware, and updating appliances may be of more value than a complete redesign. Spend your time and money wisely so you can fully enjoy the updates you make to your home!

Have you recently remodeled your kitchen? Share your experience and tips with us!

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